Pmi_MSC_Series_7_9_12_15_ MSC-M_MSC-LM

Pmi_MSC_Series_7_9_12_15_ MSC-M_MSC-LM

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Pmi_MSC_Series_7_9_12_15_ MSC-M_MSC-LM

MSC st ows with Gothic-arch groove and designed to contact angle of 45° which enables it to bear an equal load in radial, reversed radial and lateral directions. Furthermore, ultra compact and low friction resistance design is suit to compact equipment. The lubrication route makes the lubricant evenly distribute in each circulation loop.

Therefore,the optimum lubrication can be achieved in any installation direction, and this promotes the performance in running accuracy, service life, and reliability.



  • Four-way Equal Load

  • Smooth Movement with Low Noise

  • Interchangeability

  • Ultra Compact

  • Ball Retainer


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