Rexroth R 165372320

Rexroth R 165372320

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Rexroth R 165372320


Bosch Rexroth Ball Rail Systems,

Standard Runner Blocks,

Steel Version, Flange Long Ball Carriage Bearing FLS
MNR: R165372320

Bosch Rexroth Linear Motion Technology  Product Description :R1653-712-20

The Model List of can be replaced (Same Size,Different Accuracy Class and Preload):

Size Accuracy Part numbers for runner blocks
class up to approx. Preload Preload Preload
30   - R165371920 R165372920 R165373920
  - R165371120 R165372120 R165373120
  - R165371220 R165372220 R165373220
  R165379320 R165371320 R165372320 -
  R165379420 R165371420 R165372420 -